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The Skin Glow's Guide To Getting The Most From Your Spa Experience

Here's a quick guide to getting the most from your spa experience.

If you are planning on visiting the spa,

The key word here is COMFORTABILITY. Whatever makes you most comfortable is and should be the goal when going to the spa.
 Lets start with some quick  tips:

1*Always arrive 10-15 minutes early. This will allow you to get changed and enjoy the ambiance and amenities that the spa has to offer.

2*Keep in mind that you can cater your spa experience to your likes.

3*Dont bring any irreplaceable items, jewelry, etc. jewelry is usually taken off ( with the exception of wedding rings).But if it doesnt come off, your service will be performed with them on and that's fine too.

4*Keep your cellphones off or on vibrate. Other people are getting services too and a ringing cellphone or a loud conversation on your phone is disturbing and inconsiderate.


When you are brought into the spa area, you are taken into the locker room. Your locker should be equipped with a robe,slippers and if your are getting a facial, the receptionist will instruct you on where to find your facial gown. Make sure you hold onto the key for the locker where your belongings are, that is usually the only key they have.



Tell your Esthetician what your concerns are with your skin.

*What if any changes you have noticed?

*What products you are using and what has been the result of using those products?

* Do you have any allergies, to food or medicine?

 *When was your last facial or is this the first time you have ever had a facial?

*Are there any parts of the facial treatment you don't want done (extractions, light steam etc.).

This will give the Esthetician an idea of how to customize your treatment and select an appropriate at- home regimen. These are things we need to know.

NOTE: your facial gown is to be wrapped around your body, under your arms, across and covering your breast area. It is hilarious when I see someone wearing a facial gown around their shoulders like a cape!! Your Esthetician will correct you if that is the case. Sorry Guys they dont have facial gowns for you, so just your robe will be fine.


When you are getting a massage, be sure to tell your technician how you like your massage to be done.

*Do you like soft, medium or hard pressure?
*Are there areas that you have trouble with?
*Are there areas you don't want massaged?
*Aching lower back, stiff neck, limited range of motion in your arm, any sinus or digestive problems?

 Let your massage therapist know. They will customize your massage and concentrate specifically on that area. 

What do you wear for a Massage?

It's completely acceptable to wear nothing at all during your massage appointment. This is common place in the spa.

 Usually a towel is draped over you in those private areas so your are not totally exposed. If you don't feel comfortable getting completely naked, feel free to wear a sports bra and/or an under garment. That's o.k too. Just make sure you are wearing something that can get massage cream or oil on them.


These are treatments that are also often done in the nude. If however, you don't feel totally comfortable, feel free to wear a bathing suit from home or undergarments that you dont mind getting wet. The Spa should provide disposable under garments(bra and panties) .

 But beware, they say one size fits all.. In my experience they usually don’t fit many people. And can be a bit uncomfortable, because they tend not to stay put. If you know what I mean.


Disposable under wear are provided for your bikini wax. But you can wear an undergarment from home. Just make sure it,s an undergarment that can get wax on them. A person who has experience waxing won't get wax on your clothes, but there are different levels of experience when it comes to waxing, so the possiblity is there for a mess to be made. In other words, don't wear your best La Perla for your bikini wax appointment.

If you are planning to go for a waxing appointment here are a few things the techinician should know:

*Is this your first time getting waxed?

*Are you using any retinol,retin-a products? If so, how often? They have a tendency to make your skin sensitive.An alternative hair removal method may be better for you.

*Are you menstruating?(your skin is extra sensitive during this time, and can be more painful than other times of the month)This would be the time to reschedule this appointment.

Does a bikini wax hurt? It really only stings, temporarily.When waxing, I provide after- wax calming balm to help reduce the pain and redness.

 Now the Brazilian..well..we'll take a more in depth look at the Brazilian in future articles.

Thank you all for reading!! And remember to have a Beauty~Full Day!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Eczema 101: All Natural Remedies That Will Benefit You



Monday, September 10, 2012

Tips for Keeping Your Summer Beautiful Skin Through The Fall and Winter

Monday, August 6, 2012

FACT VS MYTH-3 Beauty No-No's For Your Skin

Hello All!

This week I wanted to talk about some of the Beauty Myths that I've been discussing  while listening and  talking with some of my friends inside and outside of the industry. I have a list full  of what I consider my Beauty No-No's, but these  are the  Top 3 most commonly used.

Preparation H On Puffy Eyes
 Preparation H is often used backstage at fashion shows and on photo shoots as a way to give the eyes a "quick lift" and remove puffiness. Believe it or not I have actually witnessed it being used for this purpose, and Yes... I was Mortified!!!This practice has somehow made its way onto the home front; As some of my friends have confirmed, they use this     " trick" too.
This has to be one of THE MOST dangerous things you can do to your face.Different parts of your skin vary in thickness and durability. Certain products are made for certain parts of your body for a reason... KEEP THEM THERE.. God forbid a product meant for the rectal area "accidentally" ends up in your eye..I think we can all agree that blurred vison to  temporary (or worse) permanent blindness is certainly not worth it.
Try This: Keep your eye creams or gels refrigerated. Even an eye cream  not necessarily meant for puffiness will help to reduce puffy eyes when its cold.Another quick remedy place a spoon in the freezer for 5-10 minutes, take it out and place it around your eye area, this too will reduce inflamation.

 Vaseline On Your Face
Although my Nana and many other Nana's wouldn't quite agree with me on this one.And as a kid on very cold days I used to have a face Full of Vaseline, as I am sure most of you did too.A kid's skin is beyond flawless, there is almost nothing you can do that affects it. But as a staple  in your adult beauty regimen, Sorry guys,Vaseline is a not a good  product to use on your face. Even if you suffer from extremely dry skin
 Here's why: Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly may  work well to combat dryness on the thicker skin on your body, but it's way to heavy to use on your face. Products containing petroleum jelly are probably the# 1 cause of clogged pores. It may feel great at first but its actually not doing anything to stop your skin from being dry in the long run. Vaseline works like Saran Wrap, it covers your skin. It works as a protectant(hence keeping the winter wind away from your face as a kid), but it doesnt add any moisture to your skin. And the only thing that stops dry skin are products that add or help retain water on your skin. All your doing is putting Saran Wrap on dry skin. And when you wake up the next day your skin is dry again.Not to mention that your skin can't breathe. The Result: visibly clogged pores and dull skin.

You have to get to the root of the problem.
Usually when you suffer from  dry skin, it means that your skin has lost its natural ability to take in and hold on to moisture. You need products that help to correct this problem,restore your skin's barrier function and deliver moisture directly to the skin's cells.

Try This: Use products that contain Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occuring in our bodies. It's the fluid surrounding our joints that makes our arms and legs move smoothly and without friction. Applied topically,it holds 1,000x its weight in water. It is a  humectant meaning it draws in water and pushes it directly into the skin.

Alcohol On Your Face To
Control Oil

A good friend of mine who works out regularly, has excessively oily skin and her skin is even more oily after she's done working out. She recently told me that she has been using Isopropyl Alcohol swabs after her workout to.. "clean" her skin.I had a chance to look at her skin and noticed that although her skin was indeed very oily, its was also dry and very flaky as well. Using alcohol on her skin had made it even more oily and had taken away all of her skins natural moisture. So she had excessively oily skin that was water dry. Never Ever use alcohol on your face!!

Here's Why: Alcohol completely strips your skin. Not only of bad bacteria but of oil,water and your skins flora of healthy bacteria, that's needed to protect your skin. Healthy Bacteria fights infection and keeps your skin balanced. Alcohol may temporarily remove oil,, but it causes skin confusion.
                                      *[SD-Alcohol and Cetearyl Alcohol are chemically different from Rubbing or
                                        Isopropyl Alcohol. These are moisture infusing alcohols.I'll discuss in
                                         later posts]
 Regardless of the skin type,your skin's oils levels are pre-programmed. So when you remove the level of oil that your skin thinks it should have, it feels that it should be working harder to produce more oil.Now your skin is producing 2x the amount of oil, without replacing any of its water.The Result: extremely oily, dehydrated and flaky skin

Try This: A really simple, benefical and inexpensive toner solution.. Witch Hazel. That's right. Witch Hazel, the same Witch Hazel that our mom used to use.It has great benefits for the skin.It's anti inflammatory, and helps your skin restore its lost moisture.It's anti-bacterial, so its great to use on acne skin types. It will give your skin a clean feeling and remove unnecessary oils without stripping the skin.It keeps your skin balanced and can be used on all skin types.

Stay Tuned for Next Weeks Post on Eczema Relief!!

Thanks for Reading!! and Have a Beauty Full Day!!!

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Do You Know About Pycnogenol??You Should..

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Benefits of Adding Aloe Vera To Your Daily Skin Routine

Originating in North Africa Aloe Vera is one of the most beneficial plants. It contains powerful anti-oxidants that occur naturally within the plant.It supplies oxygen to the skin cells. Because this plant consists of a gel that is 99% water, it effectively binds moisture to and  hydrates the skin. I use Aloe Vera as a moisturizer and definitely whenever I get a burn. For those of you who may have spent more time then you needed in the sun, applying Aloe Vera gel to your sunburn offers immediate relief.

Here's a few ways to incorporate it into your Skincare Routine:

For Oily skin or Acne Skin

Use Aloe Vera gel on alternate days by itself.
As a moisturizer the wound healing properties of Aloe Vera will:
* help reduce inflammation 
* the anti-bacterial properties will reduce and help eliminate the bacteria that causes breakouts.

Note:All skin types need moisture, Oily and Acne skin is no exception, this gel will help re- balance your skin giving back to it the  moisture that you often lose when you are using products that control oil or get rid of blemishes.

For Normal to  Dry skin

*Mix Aloe Vera gel with your daily moisturizer to extend the benefits and retain moisture longer.

* It will also help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkling.

For Puffy Eyes

Keep Aloe Vera Gel refrigerated, applying it cold will help reduce the look of puffiness for those of us (myself included) who  suffer from puffy under eyes.


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Remember To Have a Beauty-Full day!! ;-)

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Is your Sunscreen's SPF Fully Protecting You??

Lets Face it, We all Love the Sun kissed Look of Summer. And Although I am an Esthetician and should be warning you of the dangers of sun exposure, I can't honestly say I don't spend my fair share of time Perfecting my own Bronze.Lol.I do,however, try to do it  as safely as possible. Knowing this I wanted to give you some info about protecting your skin when you hit the sun this summer.

Interesting fact:

              For most sunscreens, whether SPF 15,30,45 or higher, the SPF number ONLY measures how long you will be protected from UVB rays without applying sunscreen SPF does NOT INDICATE whether or not there is any protection from UVA rays.. and in most cases there is no UVA protection.
I'm sure by now we know that UV stands for ultraviolet. These are the type of  rays coming from the sun that produce sun burn. They are put into 2 categories UVA and UVB. The sun actually produces UVC rays as well, but most of these rays don't reach the earths surface because they are much shorter and blocked by the earth's ozone layer.

The SPF or Sun Protection Factor determines how long you will be protected from the sun before you get sunburned. The higher the SPF the longer you will be protected.

Here's an easy way to remember what the A and B in UVA and UVB stand for:

UVA-- when you hear the term UV-A think Aging

 UVA rays are the rays from the sun that cause aging
UVA rays penetrate the skin 40 times deeper than than UVB
Therefore it damages the epidermal layer. The Epidermal layer is where most skin cancers occur.

When you hear the term UV-B the B stands for burn

When you get a sun tan it's the UVB rays that contribute to the tanning process
These are the rays that are primarily responsible for causing the redness and burn when you get sunburned

What You Need:

When purchasing your sunscreen make sure that the product indicates that it is a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. A Broad Spectrum sunscreen protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. Make sure you are applying sunscreen at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Remember to reapply for extended periods in the sun or when you have been in water.

*All skin types need sunscreen. Skin types who naturally tan easily, do have their own built in SPF,  and can absorb the suns rays without burning for longer,but still require some sun protection.
 *Any skin type regardless of whether you  tan easily or not Can Get Burned!!

I've been using this Sunscreen by Hawaiian Tropic for my Sun Soaked Sunday Sessions.. I really like it because it blends into the skin easily. A lot of times when you buy sunscreens or sunblocks it looks like you're wearing an opaque body stocking, this one doesn't do that. Try it and let me know!!

Check out this weeks Glowing Bananas Segment where I will let you know of more Sun products I love!!! Have a Beauty-Full Day!!