Spa Glow

~The Spa Glow gives helpful tips on what to expect when getting a  spa service~

Spa Tip #1

When getting Spa Body services (body wraps, body scrubs and massage),make sure you are drinking water before and after.

You need water to continue the detoxification process and stave off any potential muscle soreness.

Stay cool, drink lots of fluids and
Have A Beauty~Full Day ;-)

Spa Tip #2

Always arrive 15-20 minutes early for your Spa appointment. This will give you time to change into spa attire,relax and enjoy the amenities of the Spa {food, drink,atmosphere}

Keep in mind that arriving late (even 5 minutes)will take time away from your service.A late arrival gives your technician no other choice than to
shorten your appointment, in order to be on time for the next client.

Have  Beauty~ Full Day;-)


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