Glowing Bananas!!!

Andrea Face Spa~ Pore Shrinking Masque

I loved this product! I tried this product for a week and it really worked wonders for your skin.I see visible difference in it's ability to reduce pores. Which is a great skin prep before you go out for an event. It tingles and has a  sweet citrus/ lavender smell. I am always in the market for powerful beauty products that are true to their label claims. This inexpensive(.99-3.00) mask is just that! We sell them at the Spa but they carry them at most local drug stores,amazon,and Ebay!

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch

I talked about this Broad Spectrum Sunscreen in my post "Is your SPF Fully Protecting You?" I always find that as a brown girl, when I try on sunscreens and/or sun blocks they look very opaque or make me very ashy looking. This product didn't do that at all. I've been using it for 5 weeks. It goes on smooth and abosorbs into the skin without leaving residue. I would recommend this product for use on the body only.

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