Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Spa Etiquette/What To wear for your spa treatment

Heading to the spa for the first time, but not sure what to wear for your appointment. 

Here's a guide to tell
You  what to wear and what not to: 

Always remember your level  of comfortability really determines what you wear when you go to the spa. 

Body treatments: With body treatments it is totally ok to go in " the buff", however if you are uncomfortable you can always wear a bathing suit or guys swim trunks or boxer briefs that you don't mind getting dirty

Bikini waxing usually the tech will provide you with disposable underwear, but they usually don't leave much to the imagination, so feel free to wear undies that you don't mind getting messy (although a good bikini waxer shouldn't get anything on you or your underwear)

Brazilian Waxing is a different beast all together. Depending  on how much hair you are removing, wearing nothing or a high cut thong  is usually the norm.

Facials : don't worry about having make up on when you come in for your facial,after the skin analysis make up removal and cleansing is the next step.
You are usually given a facial gown that you wear like a bath towel when you get out of the shower,wrapped around the torso with your arms out. If you prefer to keep your bra on make sure the straps are tucked into the gown, so that theEsthetician   can give you a arm and hand massage without getting product on your bra straps.

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