Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Skin Glow's Guide To Getting The Most From Your Spa Experience

Here's a quick guide to getting the most from your spa experience.

If you are planning on visiting the spa,

The key word here is COMFORTABILITY. Whatever makes you most comfortable is and should be the goal when going to the spa.
 Lets start with some quick  tips:

1*Always arrive 10-15 minutes early. This will allow you to get changed and enjoy the ambiance and amenities that the spa has to offer.

2*Keep in mind that you can cater your spa experience to your likes.

3*Dont bring any irreplaceable items, jewelry, etc. jewelry is usually taken off ( with the exception of wedding rings).But if it doesnt come off, your service will be performed with them on and that's fine too.

4*Keep your cellphones off or on vibrate. Other people are getting services too and a ringing cellphone or a loud conversation on your phone is disturbing and inconsiderate.


When you are brought into the spa area, you are taken into the locker room. Your locker should be equipped with a robe,slippers and if your are getting a facial, the receptionist will instruct you on where to find your facial gown. Make sure you hold onto the key for the locker where your belongings are, that is usually the only key they have.



Tell your Esthetician what your concerns are with your skin.

*What if any changes you have noticed?

*What products you are using and what has been the result of using those products?

* Do you have any allergies, to food or medicine?

 *When was your last facial or is this the first time you have ever had a facial?

*Are there any parts of the facial treatment you don't want done (extractions, light steam etc.).

This will give the Esthetician an idea of how to customize your treatment and select an appropriate at- home regimen. These are things we need to know.

NOTE: your facial gown is to be wrapped around your body, under your arms, across and covering your breast area. It is hilarious when I see someone wearing a facial gown around their shoulders like a cape!! Your Esthetician will correct you if that is the case. Sorry Guys they dont have facial gowns for you, so just your robe will be fine.


When you are getting a massage, be sure to tell your technician how you like your massage to be done.

*Do you like soft, medium or hard pressure?
*Are there areas that you have trouble with?
*Are there areas you don't want massaged?
*Aching lower back, stiff neck, limited range of motion in your arm, any sinus or digestive problems?

 Let your massage therapist know. They will customize your massage and concentrate specifically on that area. 

What do you wear for a Massage?

It's completely acceptable to wear nothing at all during your massage appointment. This is common place in the spa.

 Usually a towel is draped over you in those private areas so your are not totally exposed. If you don't feel comfortable getting completely naked, feel free to wear a sports bra and/or an under garment. That's o.k too. Just make sure you are wearing something that can get massage cream or oil on them.


These are treatments that are also often done in the nude. If however, you don't feel totally comfortable, feel free to wear a bathing suit from home or undergarments that you dont mind getting wet. The Spa should provide disposable under garments(bra and panties) .

 But beware, they say one size fits all.. In my experience they usually don’t fit many people. And can be a bit uncomfortable, because they tend not to stay put. If you know what I mean.


Disposable under wear are provided for your bikini wax. But you can wear an undergarment from home. Just make sure it,s an undergarment that can get wax on them. A person who has experience waxing won't get wax on your clothes, but there are different levels of experience when it comes to waxing, so the possiblity is there for a mess to be made. In other words, don't wear your best La Perla for your bikini wax appointment.

If you are planning to go for a waxing appointment here are a few things the techinician should know:

*Is this your first time getting waxed?

*Are you using any retinol,retin-a products? If so, how often? They have a tendency to make your skin sensitive.An alternative hair removal method may be better for you.

*Are you menstruating?(your skin is extra sensitive during this time, and can be more painful than other times of the month)This would be the time to reschedule this appointment.

Does a bikini wax hurt? It really only stings, temporarily.When waxing, I provide after- wax calming balm to help reduce the pain and redness.

 Now the Brazilian..well..we'll take a more in depth look at the Brazilian in future articles.

Thank you all for reading!! And remember to have a Beauty~Full Day!!

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